Your Brand. Your Identity.

Imagine having a brand so powerful that people line up to pay a premium for your products and services. It is Dash Digital’s mission to design and deliver a message that connects with your consumer’s needs and your business passion.

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Dash Digital is a brand technology agency offering a unified, full-service approach to brand architecture and marketing strategy. Our in-house comprehensive team of specialists wraps its design, web and technology skills around your business needs to partner with your brand.

Our team of specialists wraps their design and technology skills around your unique needs.

We engage with your business to fully understand your customers and your unique selling proposition. It's this knowledge that allows us to produce quality brands and secondary elements that are both creatively unique and commercially attractive.

We have the capacity to provide everything you need to create, design, revitalise and grow your brand architecture. Our three core service areas are Brand, Web and Technology.

Dash Digital team members work in an integrated and collaborative manner to deliver brand architecture and marketing strategy through visual design, websites, mobile apps, video production, online marketing, cloud and software development services.

Our traditional creative design services are highly respected and awarded nationally and internationally developing new brand architecture and revitalisation, style guides, advertising campaigns, brochures, direct mail pieces and corporate documents.

We will extend your company's ability to connect with the market and navigate a constantly evolving commercial landscape.

We invite you to reach out to us to discover what makes customers connect with businesses and then keep them coming back for more.

Time to Revitalise your Brand?

Truly successful companies constantly reinvent themselves because they know that markets never stop changing. In this way, we arm you with the creative, web, online and innovative tools for success. We can help you rejuvenate your brand, disrupt your market and provoke your industry with superbly powerful brands and marketing tools.

At Dash Digital, we can build an array of marketing solutions and corporate media that awakens your industry and offers an enduring experience of your brand.

Partnering for Brand Success

We build brand reputation, equity, influence, awareness and continuity. We call it our 'partnering for brand success' approach. Our full branding services offering include management, corporate identity standards, corporate marketing, e-branding, brand extensions, recruitment & employment branding.

We have the capacity to offer everything you need to create, sustain and grow your brand. From business and brand architecture strategy to integrated website and online marketing initiatives - offering a truly integrated approach to your Brand.