Case Study


Dash Digital played a crucial role in assisting Velpic define their brand. The brand identity, messaging, materials in print, application development and the bespoke website, not only for Velpic as a product but also Velpic Limited investor relations brand.

The website design incorporates layered video and animated icons, strategically designed to represent a modern, innovative, SaaS product.

Velpic is a video eLearning platform in the cloud. An innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for training, presentations and inductions online. With Velpic, businesses save time and costs by creating powerful video lessons, scheduling and managing all your workforce's training in one platform.

Velpic as company is an interesting congregation of an industry-disrupting entrepreneur, brand experts, software engineers and educators enthusiasts.


  • Website
  • Application Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Name
  • Online Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Annual Report
  • Event Signage