Patrick Connell, Glen Moora and Russell Francis and our businesses of Chameleon Creative, Dash Digital and Reignite are proud to announce a merger.

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Brand and marketing agency Chameleon Creative and technology provider Reignite merged to form Dash Digital on the 1st July, 2013. By consolidating our products and services, the resulting Brand, Dash Digital, is poised to deliver a streamlined, full-service agency approach.

Russell Francis will be the new Chief Executive Officer for Dash Digital Pty Ltd, Patrick Connell will continue his 25 years experience as Creative Director and fellow Director Glen Moora will coordinate Business Development across the organisation.

Dash Digital was originally a secondary brand of Chameleon, developed in 2009 to meet client needs in the digital and online spaces. Dash Digital and Reignite partnered to develop The Inductor - an eLearning solution for companies that need to rapidly recruit and train large numbers of staff.

The growth in mobile and online technical demands has brought the three companies to an intersection of incredible opportunity. The formation of the new Dash Digital has allowed us to bring the brand and technology worlds together into a full-service agency, which means we take the view of a brand and all its customer touch points as an ecosystem. Brand drives and permeates everything we produce for clients, along with usability principles and technical vigour.

The new Dash Digital integrates Chameleon Creative's innovative visual design with Dash Digital's web knowledge and Reignite's deep technical pedigree in software, mobile app and eCommerce development. Through the whole experience, we have maintained the people and customer service that our clients recognise and trust.

We look forward to building a great partnership with you and developing your brands success.

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